Call of the wild husky safari, 16-20km Husky Ride

Call of the wild husky safari, 16-20km Husky Ride

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Get away from the city and enjoy the magical forests of the Lappish wilderness.


✔️ Husky experience

✔️ Enjoy the beauty of Lappish nature

✔️ No special skills required

✔️ Use of winter clothes to keep warm

✔️ The tour is family friendly


01.12 - 04.04.2020


~ 5 hours


~ 08:00

Pickup & Drop off


Min. age

4 years

Price from




The sound of the panting huskies and the snow underneath your sled is the perfect soundtrack for this adventure. During the tour you will drive your own team of dogs for about about 15-22 km. This is our most popular safari and a genuine way to experience the thrill of running a dog-team.

There is always some time to spend with huskies after the safari, learn some interesting fact about sled dogs and definitely make some nice photos for your memories to take back home. We have nice warm yurt waiting for you after the safari to enjoy stories and hot berry juice. This program is also suitable for families with children, just note that the duration of the safari is 1,5 hours. We recommend children are warmly dressed and we will provide extra overall to keep warm while sitting in the sled.

One sled is shared by 2 adults, half way there will be a chance to switch drivers. By purchasing one single supplement you reserve one sled per one person.


Please, check with the sales office the pick up place and time. It is very important to inform us your accommodation and mobile phone number, in case we need to contact you in Rovaniemi. During pick up driver will look for you by your name.

– Santa Claus Holiday Village: 08:00

– Chalet Hotel Rovaniemi: 08:10

– Central Rovaniemi Hotels: 08:20


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✔️ Informative talks

✔️ Arctic outer clothing

✔️ 1,5 hour drive with a husky sled (2 adults and max 2 children per sled)

✔️ Safety and driving instructions

✔️ Professional English speaking guide

✔️ Hot drinks and cookies

✔️ Hotel pickup & drop off

What to bring

⚡ Seasonal outdoor clothing

Not included

❌ Meals

Please Note

Transfers from Arctic Snow Hotel

  • Transfer price from Arctic Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos is 10,- euro per adult/child per direction. Please, contact us for booking and payment of the Arctic Snow Hotel transfer at

Pick up time and place

  • Please, check with the sales office the pick up place and time. It is very important to inform us your accommodation and mobile phone number, in case we need to contact you in Rovaniemi. During pick up driver will look for you by your name.

Winter clothing

  • We highly recommend to invest in good winter thermals and socks, to insure more pleasant experience during the tour and your holiday in Rovaniemi. Dress warmly, because it is better to be too hot than too cold.

Cancellation terms 

(See all terms here)
  • More than 7 days notice – 90% refund. 10% is non-refundable, as this represents our direct cost of booking and preparing your tour.
  • Less than 7 days or no show notice – no refund.

Frequently asked questions 

(See all questions and answers here)

- When is a booking for a tour with Nordic Adventures confirmed?


A booking is confirmed when you receive a confirmation email. If you think you have made a booking and have not received an email confirmation, please send us an e-mail with an inquiry through our contact form, and we will figure this out together.


- How do i pay for a tour with Nordic Adventures?


You can pay through the internet, through our website. This is by far the easiest, safest and fastest way to reserve and pay for your adventure. You will receive a voucher as a confirmation via e-mail which you will need to bring with you for your trip. You will always get a voucher by email: REMEMBER TO PRINT IT OUT AND BRING IT ALONG OR MAKE SURE THAT YOU CAN SHOW IT ON YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICE!


Are the husky tours suitable for small children?


It is when you dress them well and it’s not too cold. Children can enjoy the tour very much if they are dressed well enough. For infants we would be wary with travelling below -20 Celcius.

If it’s really cold we travel according to the capabilities of our weakest member and might adapt the tour to suit the colder temperatures.


When can we do dog-sledding?


We can start our tours with sleds when we have enough snow on our trails, and all the wet areas are frozen. This is often in the first week of December, but can also be as early as mid November.

Although we can drive dogs ourselves under quite difficult conditions, we need very forgiving snow situations before we are able to safely take guests on the trail. Check our booking online calendar, it gives a fairly accurate picture of availability.


- Pregnancy at the time of the tour?


Pregnant women are not at greater risk of an accident or harm than other participants in the tour. It is recommended that pregnant women join the tour as passengers and preferably in guide sled. However we recommend careful consideration if you wish to join a cart or sled driving part of the tour when on the 1st or 3rd trimester. You can send us an email if you wish to have more information and it’s also useful to note it in the booking in advance. If the program requires special organization (e.g. additional transport), Nordic Adventures shall not be responsible for the possible extra costs.


What winter clothes do you provide?


Driving dogs can be a cold activity and experienced mushers are masters in cold weather dressing. Through years of experience they have developed often very personal ways of staying warm.

Each person is different in how they stay warm so we provide you with thermal outer clothes that will help keep you warm based on our experience. Also taken consideration the period of time you will spend outside during the safari.

We provide you with:

– A complimentary thermal tube scarf

– A thermal outer overall

– Woolen socks

– Winter boots with thermal liner

– Winter mittens

– Winter hat


- Snow goggles necessary or not?


We do not provide snow goggles during our tours as we do not recommend using them. Personally we prefer to have our vision unimpaired. Goggles tend to fog up, limit visibility and cause unnecessary driving accidents with unexprienced dog drivers. If you really do want to use goggles please bring your own then.


- What kind of huskies are these?


We have what are called “Alaskan Huskies” They are relatively unknown outside of the sled-dog world. They tend to be more diverse in size, eye color and shape than their pure-breed cousins the “Siberian Huskies”. Please ask us about them, we are more than willing to “talk dog” and answer all your questions!


- Can we see husky puppies?


The answer is complicated and simple at the same time; Sometimes!

We breed dogs to keep our kennel healthy and that means sometimes no puppies and sometimes 1 or 2 litters per year. These pups tend to be born in the spring time and can not be considered “puppies” any more by time the snowfalls. We do our best to prevent unwanted and unplanned pregnancies in the kennel by castrating all our non breeding males.

We are aware that certain kennels time and or plan their litters for display purposes, but we find this a dubious and unethical practice not beneficial to the welfare of the dogs.


- Can you come with your own car?


Maybe! Our kennel is remote and sometimes challenging to reach especially in winter by unexperienced winter drivers. In summer and autumn you can check with us first and get good instructions how to come here. We arrange transfers from and to Rovaniemi in order to keep the schedules working we prefer you use them. It has happened that we have had to delay our tours; to the detriment of part of our group, to go help lost or stuck drivers. In winter or autumn we do not offer any discounts for driving yourself. You can park near town and hitch a ride with our transfer, it’s faster and less stressful for everyone.


- From where do we offer pick-ups and drop off?


We can pick you up from:

– Hostel Cafe Koti (Valtakatu 21)

– Santa Claus Village (reception Santa Claus Holiday Village)

– Ounasvaara Chalets

If you are staying in a private apartment in Rovaniemi area, we will provide you a centralized pick up point. From that point you will be picked up at the informed time, so please be on time waiting for the driver.

The driver will look for you in the reception area by name and will have a sign that says “Bearhill”.  Sometimes transfer might run with few minutes delays due to weather conditions, some customers being late etc. We try to make sure that any delays do not interfere with the program itself.

On the return journey we can drop you off to Santa´s Village, railway station, the Arctic Snow Hotel or the airport as well


- What clothes to bring?


Although we provide you with thermal outer clothes, it greatly enhances your experience if you dress correctly before you arrive!

So our tips are very simple:

– Wear wool or artificial fibres on the skin, no cotton! Be especially careful of cotton socks as they will be cold, wet and spoil your experience

– Layer up, but not too tightly

– Wear tight thermals and on top of that wool or fleece clothes

– Thin finger gloves and wool socks are a worthwhile investment for any trip to Lapland, but remember no cotton

– A pair of winter trousers and jacket can be worn under the overalls when it is very cold outside


- Do i have to book in advance?


There are a few different ways you can book our trips. First of all, you can book almost all our trips right here on our website. There is a booking window on each tour page and we do recommend that you book and pay for your trip there, preferably in good time as we keep our groups small and some tours tend to sell out.

If the trip you would like to book is not bookable online, you can call or email our office directly, the phone number is +358 40 744 2567. Another way is to send us an e-mail with an inquiry through our contact form. What we need to have is your name, how many people are in your party, where you are staying, a way of contacting you either an e-mail or a phone number and what tour you are trying to book.


- How to dress right and feel comfortable in Winter?


1. Start with thermal underwear and warm socks.

2. If it’s really cold, –20 or below, wear an additional fleece layer on top of your thermals. Another pair of socks, preferably woolly or thermal, will keep your feet warm.

3. Wear pants with thermal lining. Don’t underestimate the importance of a neck warmer or a scarf. Slip into your winter boots and do them up well.

4. Almost done! Throw on your winter jacket, put on a warm hat and thermal gloves. Don’t forget to tuck your gloves into your sleeves and zip your jacket ALL the way up

Nordic Adventures is happy to tell you where you can rent costumes if there is such a need!

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