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Northern Lights

The northern lights can also be called an aurora, polar lights, and southern lights, it is known as a natural light that is displayed in the sky and it can be commonly seen from a high-latitude region such as the Arctic and the Antarctic. The northern light got its name from Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn while Borealis is the Greek name for the north wind. The northern lights have an enchanting aura and it features mind-blowing arrays of dancing colors and shapes which are featured in numerous ancient myths and folktales. These lights have been fascinating onlookers for centuries and you can also join one of our Northern Lights tours in Finland so that you can see this mesmerizing natural phenomenon for yourself.

Things to know about Northern Lights tour

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are a natural phenomenon that illuminates the night sky in an enthralling, dramatic, and magical display of colors that will surely fascinate you. Auroras are caused when the temperature on the sun surface rises and falls and the sun boils and bubbles. During this period, some particles escape from the star from the sunspot areas on the surface which then lead solar winds. The winds then cause dramatic displays known as Aurora borealis. Auroras not only occur on Earth but also numerous worlds in our solar system.Aurora attracts a plethora of tourists that visit Finland during the winter months with the hope of just catching a glimpse of this mesmerizing lights.Although the northern lights have a varying color, shape, and intensity, they commonly appear as swaying green curtains.

The northern light can be smooth and slow to see with a diffuse glow that gives the sky a greenish hue. At some times, it looks like stripe or a serpent that stretches across the sky with moving. There are some times that it is strong and it moves rapidly and the shape changes very quickly. Although the experience is usually different it will leave your mind blown away.

The Mythical Explanation of the Northern Lights

The Northern Light is an enchanting phenomenon and there are diverse stories and legends about where this unique phenomenon came from and what it symbolizes. According to some ancient Greeks, Aurora was a goddess and the sister of Helios and Selene which is the sun and the moon respectively. It is believed that she would ride across the sky in her glorious chariot to alert her siblings that the dawn is coming.

According to the Viking legends, the ethereal lights are the reflections from the shields of the Valkyrie which is the female helping spirits of the god Odin. The Valkyrie would ride across the sky before battles as they decide who would win and those that would lose. The warriors that are dead will then ride to Valhalla by making use of the light reflecting from the armor of the Valkyrie as a bridge to the heavens.

The Best Place in Finland to see the Northern Lights

Finland is filled with varieties of great spots where you will get to see the northern lights. Finland is located far north and under right conditions, you will also get to see the northern lights anywhere in the country. Rovaniemi is one of the top places to go to Finland to enjoy this magnificent phenomenon. The northern lights can be found in this city for about 150 times a year. To enjoy the best views, you can go a little outside of the city and sometimes you will even see them close to the city.


Best time to hunt for the northern lights

The northern light is a naturally occurring phenomenon and it is quite difficult to predict the appearance of this phenomenon. The best time that you can enjoy the Northern Lights in Finland is between late autumn, winter, and early spring.The best time to see the aurora in Finland is during the colder and darker half of the year because the light conditions are favorable. The winter period in Finland which is from November to March offers lots of opportunities to see the northern lights and this is because the skies are dark during this period.

Best way to hunt for the northern lights

It can be quite tricky if you are planning to hunt down the auroras alone especially if you are not very familiar with the landscape. The driving conditions in the winter can be hazardous to tourist for people that are not used to driving in the snow, on slippery roads, and in the fog. It is best if you can book for a tour with one of our professional guides so that you can save your valuable times and to avoid missing this mind-blowing scenery. Our guides know the best spots to go if you want to enjoy views of the northern lights and the spots can change at any given day.

The tours are usually between three to five hours and you are going to visit different locations every day based on the area that you are likely to see the Northern Lights. You should make sure you wear the warmest clothing and extra layers before joining this tour because we are not providing thermal suits and boots.

Seeing the northern light is considered to be the highlight of a winter trip in Finland that you should ensure you do not miss. The northern light is considered a bonus to the varieties of mind-blowing adventure in the country that you must not miss if you are a thrill-seeker, photographer, and nature lover.