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About us

Who we are

From distinct tours to exciting safaris, you will be able to get the help you need to plan the adventure of a lifetime; an adventure that will change your life forever. Here at Nordic Adventures, we are focused entirely on your needs and desires. We are completely committed to doing whatever it takes to help transform your dream trip into a breathtaking reality.

We are a team of experts specializing in something unique: providing our clients with one of a kind experience that will leave an impact on them like no other. Our team utilizes our background within the industry combined with the passion we have for bringing joy to our client’s lives to plan the ultimate trips.

Plan your adventure!

No matter what you are looking for when it comes to your next holiday, our talented travel experts will be able to provide you with a depth of knowledge that will get you on track to planning the perfect excursion in no time. We tailor the experience around what you want to do so that all activities being planned are things that truly make you happy and satisfied.

Our group will handle all the meticulous planning – right from discovering the absolute best hotels, activities, transportation methods, and other features of your trip that fit within your expectations.

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How we can help

Budget Friendly

With our assistance, you will not only receive an in-depth plan for a tremendous trip that you will love but a plan for one that is well within the budget you have set at the beginning. We use our network of partners combined with our years of experience within the industry to provide you with an extensive trip layout that will allow you to partake in all of the exciting activities that you desire without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Tailored Experiences

Regardless of the specific kind of trip you are looking to go on — whether it be a corporate retreat, a luxury vacation for one, or even an exciting couple’s holiday — we can assist you in ensuring that it will be exactly how you imagined. We know that everyone has a different idea of what is the perfect trip which is why we are passionate about tailoring our services to design a distinct plan each and every time. No two of our trip plans is alike due to this dedication to customization.

Quality Services

Our team is able to plan exceptional trips due to the years of experience that we have developed as we’ve worked with our many clients. This background has provided us with the knowledge and resources we need to make the most out of every trip and make sure that we are doing everything within our power to create something that our client will genuinely love.

Full Length Assistance

From the time you first approach us with the idea for a trip all the way to the day on which you depart for your adventure, we will be there right by your side taking care of all of the little details that add to the overall experience. During each step of the process, our team of travel agents will be working hard to make sure that you are able to have the time of your life.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

While we work on planning outstanding trips for our clients, we make sure to design something that allows for a holiday that upholds the responsibility of a socially and environmentally mindful traveler. We are committed to using nature and culture as key features that can enhance the value of the trips we plan. Our team is constantly developing and making use of innovative solutions that are mindful of our environment, our community, and our world as a whole.

We have been told we should sing and shout about this more – but we don’t want to. Whilst some of our competitors profess to be experts in this arena, we do not. Conservationists are best at conservation and travel outfitters are best at travel. What we try and do is do our best to blend the two together wherever and whenever possible.  We work with grass-root projects in each destination, to ensure that any money goes directly to those enterprises in need, rather than being lost in the world of ‘non-profits’.

We are as proud of our vast selection of tours as we are of our amazing guiding team who live, sleep and breath the activity they love. Every day they share their expertise and passion, making certain our customers get the best possible adventure in Finnish Lapland and Rovaniemi – an experience which is truly beyond their wildest dreams. Our primary aim is to offer a small group experience which provides a comfortable, safe and exceptionally enjoyable adventure for all participants. We are committed to making your time in Northern Finland more than just a vacation, we want to make your dreams a reality!