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Ranua Wildlife Park Tour


If you go with the expectation that you are going to a Zoo, you will be fine. In the description they use the words reserve and wildlife park leading me to believe anyway that it was more like a safari encountering the wildlife in the forest. We had a great guide, Tanya, who was knowledgeable about the animals and gave a great walking tour through the zoo.

Wonderful experience in Korouoma national Park


We had a great time in Korouoma national Park.We could bathe ourselves in the forest: saw great views, sniffed the smell of plants and drank some river water.We could also see a lot of reindeers.Our travel guide "Alex?" was very kind and nice.He taught me a lot of things about Plants and animals in Rovaniemi, best sightseeing places in Helsinki, and so on.He also cooked us BBQ lunch during the hike.Be careful for mosquitos, there were so many of them.

The highlight of our trip to Rovaniemi!


We visited the wildlife park were we got picked up at rovaniemi and drove for one hour. During our drive the guide named Tanya told us a lot of interesting facts about Finland and the park where we were going to, so we got really excited about where we were going! In the park she told us a lot of facts about the animals and it was really nice to hear another perspective on these animals and where they have been to and been through aswell. During the entire tour she kept us entertained and we really enjoyed this tour, we would even say that this tour was the highlight of our trip to Rovaniemi! At the end I forgot my sunglasses in the car so I quickly called the bureau and within 10 minutes she came back to give them to me. The service was impeccable and I will definitely make use of Northic Adventures when I come back!

Unique experience


This was an amazing experience. Our guides Pedro and Nicolai were excellent. The suits may feel a little claustrophobic to some. You have to be gentle when entering the water to keep dry, but once in it is quite relaxing to just float there. Unfortunately, there were no northern lights visible when we were there, but very enjoyable.

Absolutely worth it!


I visited the zoo on a warm (-4°C), sunny monday and was lucky to see most of the Arctic animals. The zoo is an animal sanctuary too, so they are very well taken care of. Special thanks to Pedro, our very friendly guide and good driver! Good selection at the buffet! There's also a Karl Fazer chocolate and candy shop with good prices.

The most fun and memorable experience of our Finland trip


This turned out to be the most fun and memorable experience of our Finland trip. This “floating in the ice water” was my wife’s idea, I rolled my eyes and said yes thinking it might be pretty boring. We opted for the day-time trip in January, there were 3 of us and we had the whole experience to ourselves. We were collected from our resort then driven to a private site and a little frozen over lake. In the cottage we were zipped into our arctic survival suits (big baggy onesies that made us look like “My Blobbie” or Michelin-man, whichever reference you might get). We were then taken to a big hole in the ice by a little jetty and could climb in the water. What you do then is entirely up to you. you can float on your back and calmly enjoy the surroundings.. or you can also hoist yourself vertical, paddle about, break off surrounding ice and even climb up on the frozen lake ice and muck about, climbing in and out of the water as you choose. We broke off a load of ice and hauled the pieces on to the lake to make ice-art. We were extremely lucky to have bright blue skies and this made everything look amazingly beautiful. I think it was about -15c at the time, but you stay warm enough. I read some reviews about people on ice float trips getting a little water inside their suit. I think it’s entirely a factor of how careful you are and what you do. Two of us did not get wet at all. I got absolutely soaked.. I was moving about getting up and back from the ice, front crawl plus floating.. I regularly felt water trickle in my neck area. I was having so much fun I didn’t care at all. If you are prone to being a bit splashy and adventurous then bring a change of clothes and wrap your phone in a zip lock bag. Our guide/host/driver was very friendly and we had a good chat in the car and he kindly took some great phone video footage of us. We had a GREAT time.



Gréât gréât expérience! Got to see the aurora too not too much but because of all the clouds.Special thanks to our guide Pedro, who made this an incredible experience! Thanks again ;)

Great Sauna and Ice Lake Experience


Great experience and fantastic hosting from Pedro who was enthusiastic and gave a personal experience. Authentic Sauna and beautiful lake scenery. Very tasty lunch also. Would recommend.

Awesome experience. Once in a lifetime


We were a group of Aussies and had been told ice floating was the coolest thing to do (pardon the pun) in Finland.It didn’t disappoint. We were all a little worried how cold it would be. The temperature was -18 degrees Celsius. The float suits keep you very warm but you need to do what the guide tells you, in our case we had Pedro. He was excellent by the way. Lots of stories around the fire drinking grape tea after our float.Totally recommend you try it and this company was good as there were only 8 of us do very boutique.

Amazing Ice Floating experience


Excellent activity for small groups. Friendly driver collected us from hotel, with short drive to secluded cabin and pond. Floating, clear skies and the stars - unique & unforgettable experience. Highly recommended.